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Super Simple Stem Car

Super Simple STEM Car

Project Time: 15-30 minutes Create this super simple STEM car using popsicle sticks and a DC motor. Materials Needed For this project you will need…

DIY Mini Electric Battery Car Stem Science Fair Project

Make a DIY Mini Electric Car

Project Time: 30-45 minutes Using everyday and recycled materials, you can create this battery powered car. Learn how to create a simple circuit using a…

Science Makerspace Project Pulley Car

Make a Battery Powered DIY Car

Project Time: 30-45 minutes Learn how to create this simple battery powered DIY car using repurposed and recycled materials. These projects are a great way…

Mothers Day Paper Circuit Card Stem Project

Mothers Day Paper Circuit Card

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom Mothers Day card that lights up.  Give your Mom something special and unique while learning…

Electric Battery Powered Propeller Car

Make a Pringles Propeller Car

Project Time: 30-45 minutes Making a battery powered propeller car is super fun and can be done pretty easily.  You can use everyday materials to…

Simple Electric Propeller Car Tutorial Steam Project

Simple Electric Propeller Car

Learn how to make a simple electric propeller car using basic parts and some creativity.  This project is great for a makerspace, STEM or science fair project. DC motor, battery and switch.