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The 2nd Edition is now filled with 250+ MakerEd & Makerspace Resources

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This latest edition is a collection of over 250+ resources to help you with your makerspace and maker education program.  This ebook will be revised quarterly in order to add the latest resources available and to make sure all links are active.

The latest revised edition will be sent out automatically to everyone who is currently subscribed.  Download the ebook here


Table of Contents:

3D Modeling Software

3D Printable Models

3D Printing Materials/Filament

3D Printing News

3D Printers

Makerspace Project Sites

Maker Education

STEM/STEAM Education

Maker Educators

Maker Equipment & Tools – CNC Routers/ Laser Cutters

Makerspace  Materials

Makerspace Material Suppliers

Coding & Computer Science

Maker Business

Expos, Events & Conferences – Maker / EdTech

Research & Articles – Maker Movement / EdTech

How To Start & Run an Educational Makerspace

Join our growing network of over 37,000+ maker educators and learn everything you need to know about makerspaces and maker education. Whether you are new to the makerspace movement or you’re a seasoned maker pro, we are here to get you answers.

  • FREE EBOOK – Find resources for starting and running a makerspace
  • Start at the beginning and answer the basic question – “What is a Makerspace?
  • What is STEM education /maker education and how can I bring it my location?
  • Looking for makerspace projects?
  • Learn why makerspaces are surging in popularity in schools and libraries worldwide
  • Find out how to start and run your own makerspace in a school or library
  • Get inspiration for your makerspace by checking out our makerspace ideas page
  • Discover how to use project based learning (PBL) effectively in your makerspace
  • Receive details on the best makerspace materials & supplies for your learning lab


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CTE Makeover Challenge Makerspaces Maker Education

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CTE Makeover Challenge Makerspaces Makerspace

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Get a 21st Century Education From 21st Century Educators is made up of makers, geeks, educators, technology/stem leaders, library media specialists, librarians, school principals & superintendents, instructional technology specialists, edtech leaders, maker educators, makerspace operators, 3d printing enthusiasts, robotics club and so much more.

We look forward to having you join us and learn along with us in this new frontier of education….maker education.

Our mission is to bring makerspaces into the educational system, so we can bring the educational system into the 21st century


Our Background 

makerspace makerspaces maker educationI’m Andrew Miller and I’m a MAKER!  I’m also a husband, father to a young maker, and founder/CEO of which was started to help schools and libraries start their own makerspaces.  I’ve been a maker and inventor all of my life and I truly believe that making something is one of the best forms of hands-on learning there is.  At age 10, I tried to build a go-kart out of a bed frame and failed but then fast forward 25 years, I successfully built my own working 3D printer from scratch.  Makers learn from failures.   Being a maker is not only fun and challenging but it can be extremely educational as well and that is why makerspaces have surged in popularity over the last few years.  Due to their educational value, makerspaces are no longer just stand alone membership only organizations, but are now moving into schools, libraries and universities worldwide.   I come from a long line of teachers starting with my grandma to my mom to my twin brother.  My grandpa was also a high school teacher who taught in the original school makerspace – wood shop.  He was a master carpenter and he would have loved to see the maker movement that is going on in schools today.


Our Purpose

what is a makerspace - maker education makerspacesOur main purpose is to help schools & libraries learn about maker spaces and the benefit of maker education so they can start their own space.  We’re here to help simplify the process of starting and running an educational makerspace by providing ideas and free resources.  We want to see a maker space in every school and library across the US, Canada and the world.  The educational system needs to move forward and try new things in order to prepare the next generation of students to be future ready for the high tech world that’s here.  21st century students deserve 21st century educators and we want to help bring back more hands-on project based learning to the classroom.

I also have a special motivating factor that’s driving me and her name is Lilly.  She’s my daughter who was born May 2014. Lilly will be in school in a few years and by then I want makerspaces to be the standard in schools because of the potential I know they offer for education and especially for STEM education.  Lilly is the reason I do all of this.  A quote I love is from John Dewey – “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow.”

We need to keep improving our educational system and move forward and “make” progress.  We also want to see more public libraries become the places of creation and not only consumption.  Lets add a makerspace to more libraries and transform them into the community centers they once were.

We can do this, but we need your help.