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paper circuits book cover

Book Projects Include:

  • Light Saber (Shown Below)
  • Simple, Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Pop-up Piano w/ Makey Makey
  • Happy Birthday Pop-up Cake
  • Pop-up Cards
  • Spinning Fan
  • Doorbell Buzzer
  • Robots Rule
  • Quiz Game
  • Water Circuit
  • Squishy Circuit Railroad

Plus 34 More Projects !

animated light saber star wars paper circuit
Paper Circuit Project - "Light Saber"
What Are Paper Circuits?



“Thank you so much for publishing this book. It is beautifully designed and the projects are simple, but can be adapted to varying levels of complexity. Best of all, it is a useful resource for teachers who are being asked to integrate “making” in their classrooms and are terrified that they don’t really know this stuff”

Barbara L. (Makerspace Educator)

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