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101+ Makerspace Resources For Schools and Libraries

What is a makerspace? What projects and materials do you recommend for a makerspace? Why are makerspaces becoming so popular in schools and libraries? These are just some of the questions we hear often. In order to help, we decided to put together a collection of our favorite makerspace resources and websites.

In this post, you will find over 101+ links to makerspace related articles, guides, checklists and more that will help you get started with hands-on maker education.

What is a Makerspace?

Makerspaces in Schools/Libraries

Benefits of Makerspaces

Makerspace Special Education

How To Start A Makerspace

Makerspace Materials & Supplies

Makerspace Tools & Equipment

Makerspace Furniture Ideas

Makerspace Projects

Makerspace Storage Ideas

Makerspace Ideas

Maker Websites

Makerspace Assessment

Makerspace Books

Makerspace and STEM / STEAM

CTE & Vocational Education

Makerspaces Directory

Submit a Resource

Do you know a good makerspace resource or webpage we missed? Send us a link and we’ll get it added. Thanks !

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