MakerED Resources For School Makerspaces – 2nd Edition

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This latest edition is a collection of over 250+ resources to help you start and run your makerspace and maker education program.


Whats in the book?

3D Modeling Software
3D Printable Models
3D Printing Materials/Filament
3D Printing News
3D Printers
Makerspace Project Sites
Maker Education
STEM/STEAM Education
Maker Educators
Maker Equipment & Tools – CNC Routers/ Laser Cutters
Makerspace  Materials
Makerspace Material Suppliers
Coding & Computer Science
Maker Business
Expos, Events & Conferences – Maker / EdTech
Research & Articles – Maker Movement / EdTech

Download the ebook here



makerspace ideas for school and library makerspaces

FREE PDF100+ Makerspace Materials and Supplies


Below is a growing collection of our favorite tweets that focus on makerspace ideas.  These ideas range from how to get started to what maker project to do in your makerspace.  Whenever we put something online or on Twitter, we want it to be actionable for the makerspace operator.  We know you’re busy and we want to help simplify the process of starting and running a makerspace.  Hopefully these ideas help!  As always, follow us on Twitter and share with us your own makerspace ideas.

Top Makerspace Ideas & Inspiration


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