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make and take kits paper circuits

Paper circuit light up cards have been a really fun project to do around Halloween in schools or libraries. These projects are easy to do and teach the basics of creating a circuit on a piece of paper.

Creating “Make and Take” kits are a great way to organize this project for school, home or group workshops. Each kit contains all the materials needed for the individual to complete the Halloween light up card. The best part of a make and take kit is they don’t have to share their materials with other people which reduces the risk of spreading germs.

Here’s a great example of the make and take kits that Mrs. Mitchell put together for her library at Creek Valley Middle School.

Free Halloween Project Templates

We put together a lot of FREE Halloween templates that are perfect for this project. You can download each set of templates using the links below. They come in color and black and white outline.

For the make and take kits, there are two ways you can add the templates to the kits. You can download and print your favorite templates out and/or add a card with links to the templates. The download card will allow people to select their favorite template and print from home.

Halloween paper circuits projects

Make and Take Project Kits

Each of your paper circuit make and take kits should include the following materials:

  • (1) CR2032 coin cell battery
  • (2) LEDs 5mm or larger, any color
  • 24″-30″ of copper tape
  • Project template or download card
  • (1) Plastic bag or other container

The previous list of materials is what is required to make each template light up. To determine the total number of materials needed, you would need to multiply the materials listed by the number of kits you want to create.

NOTE: We went through all of our Halloween templates and determined that 24″ of copper tape is the average needed. If you are using a different template, make sure to measure how much copper tape that template needs.

If you need these materials we do sell paper circuit starter kits as well as classroom bulk packs. These kits also include a project ebook with 45 additional projects.

paper circuit kits project ebook classroom packs

We hope you have fun making these Halloween light up cards. If you do make them, please tweet us @Makerspaces_com

Let us know if you need any help or have questions.


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