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In this project tutorial, we’re going to be making 6 different Halloween paper circuit creations.  Using parallel and simple circuits, you’ll be able to bring these templates to life with copper tape, LEDs and batteries.

Once you learn how to create these projects, you can use the concepts learned to make your own haunted paper circuit creations.

Project Time: 15 minutes (Each Project)

halloween paper circuits makerspace project
halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Materials Needed

We sell a complete paper circuit starter kit that contains the parts needed for 10 projects or students.  Use the button below to buy the kit or project book.

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Step 1 – Print Templates

The first thing you need to do is download the project templates and print them out.

The ZIP folder contains 6 different halloween characters to choose from.  Each character comes in full color or black and white outline.  The black and white version is great for those who want to color and customize it.

halloween makerspace project template

Black and White Outline Included

Each project is 2 pages and it’s recommended that you print them on one sheet of paper (front and back).  Below is what the complete vampire template looks like.

For two-sided printing, you will need to select this in your printer properties.


Once the properties box is open, you need to select the area for printing on both sides and then choose “flip over”.


NOTE:  This project will still work if you print the templates out on two separate sheets of paper.  It just has a cleaner look with one sheet.

Step 2 – Apply Copper Tape

Now it’s time to create the circuit that will power your project.  Apply the copper tape to the brown circuit traces found on the template.  It’s always best to try and use one single piece of copper versus a cutting it into a few smaller pieces.

To learn how to fold the copper at the corners versus cutting it, check out our post:

Paper Circuits For Beginners

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Step 3 – Fold Template

Once the copper tape has been applied, you will need to fold the template in half.

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Step 4 – Add LEDs

Now it’s time to add the LEDs to your paper circuit. You will need to bend the legs of the LED at a 90 degree angle.  Make sure you remember which one is the SHORT leg.  This is the negative leg and will go on the copper where (-) is noted.

Once the LEDs are bent, tape them securely to the copper.  Make sure the legs are making a solid connection with the copper.

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Step 5 – Add Battery

Take (1) CR2032 coin cell battery and place the negative (-) side facing down on the grey circle.  Tape only the edge of the battery down to the paper.  Make sure the middle of the battery is exposed so when the template is folded the copper tape can make contact to it.

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Step 6 – Done !

Flip the template over and make small cuts in the red part of the vampire’s eyes.  Push the LEDs gently through the holes and then push the “PRESS” button to see it come to life !

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

Try The Other 5 Projects

halloween paper circuits makerspace project

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Keep Making !

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