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One of the easiest circuits to make is a simple circuit. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a VERY simple circuit using copper tape, an LED and a coin cell battery.

This project can be completed in less than 5 minutes and the template includes two projects per page.

FREE DownloadVery Simple Circuit Template (PDF)

Materials Needed

Need the materials for this project?  We have a paper circuit starter kit & ebook available.  The kit includes copper tape, LEDs and CR2032 batteries. Also included is a project ebook with 45 project templates.

paper circuits kit and book makerspace projects

Step 1 – Print The Template

Begin by downloading the free project template using the link below. This project comes with two templates per page which is great for large classes or one for you and a friend.

Once you print this out, you will need to cut down the middle along the line to separate the two.

Project Template – Very Simple Circuit Template (PDF)

Step 2 – Apply Copper Tape

Apply your copper tape along the two vertical lines on the template. Smooth it down with your finger to ensure good contact with the paper.

Step 3 – Attach The LED

Now it’s time to attach the LED to your circuit. Look for the long leg of the LED which is the positive side. Bend both legs at a 90 degree angle.

Attach the LED to the copper tape using short strips of copper tape. Make sure you put the long leg on the side marked (+) on the template. Rub the connections with your finger to ensure a solid connection.

Step 4 – Fold The Corner

Fold the corner of the template along the diagonal line.

Step 5 – Mount The Battery

Roll up a short piece of copper tape with the adhesive side on the outside. Make sure that you are using copper tape with conductive adhesive like the type we use in our paper circuit kits.

Stick the ball of tape to the copper tape inside the battery circle. Next place your CR2032 coin cell battery on top of the sticky copper tape. Make sure you place the negative (-) side of the battery facing down.

Step 6 – Test The Simple Circuit

The last step is to fold the corner so it makes contact with the top of the battery. You can secure the corner using a paperclip if you wish.


If for some reason your template doesn’t light, check the following:

  • Make sure your battery works by connecting an LED directly to the battery. This is also a good way to test that your LED works.
  • Ensure the battery (-) is facing down on the template.
  • Verify that the long leg of your LED is on the side marked (+) on the template. Rub all connection points to ensure good solid contact.

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Need More Project Ideas?

Check out our makerspace blog for more paper circuit project ideas and templates. We also have a paper circuit starter kit and project ebook which has 45 project templates.

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