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mobile makerspace cart
3D Printer Cart by Copernicus Edu.

One of the first things you need to do when starting a school or library makerspace is to find the “space”.  Sometimes your facility just doesn’t have a free room available or you want to start small and test this concept out first.  A good solution would be to start a mobile makerspace, which is also a great concept even if you do have a room available.  This allows a school for exmple to put a maker space in every classroom because maker education involves every subject and every grade.  Mobile makerspaces do come with limitations however and the most obvious one being of limited space.  This is where you need to be creative when making your mobile because you need to pack it as full as possible with maker materials and equipment.  In upcoming posts, I will cover in detail how to start a full size makerspace which gives you the full range of maker education.

If you have a mobile makerspace or have ideas on how to improve one let us know in the comments.  Also, we would love to add your photos to this post so please tag us in your photos on instagram or send us a tweet on twitter @Makerspaces_com

Variants of Mobile Makerspaces




Unique setups 

Examples of Mobile Makerspaces – Carts

Mobile Makerspaces by Dr Brad Gustafson

Examples of Mobile Makerspaces – Van/Trucks

STEAM Truck by Community Guilds

Geekbus – Mobile Makerspace & Classroom

Examples of Mobile Makerspaces – Trailers

Techshop and Fujitsu Launch Mobile Makerspace For Student Education  – Makezine

Examples of Mobile Makerspaces – Unique Setups

Converted Shipping Container Acts as a Portable Maker Space – Springwise


Areas Of Making in a Mobile Makerspace

3D Printing & Design





Video Creation / Playback

Digital Music Production

Textiles & Wearables

Graphic & Web Design

STEM / STEAM Related

Types of Carts For a Mobile Makerspace

3D Printer Cart (Copernicus)

Rolling Storage Cart  (Smith System)

Equipment in a Mobile Makerspace

3D Printer Guide –  (

3D Printer Cart 

3D Printing Pen – (

Digitizer 3D Scanner – (

CNC Machine


Lasercutter – Full Spectrum Laser   Epilog Laser   Glowforge

Tablet Computer

Soldering Iron 30w – Sparkfun 

Photo and Video Cameras

Hot Glue Guns

Dremel Tools – Rotary tools

Silk Screen

Sewing Machine

Vinyl cutter

Maker Materials

Inventables – The hardware store for designers and makerspaces

Raspberry Pi Collection – (

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B Starter Pack – (

Arduino Starter Kit – (

Starter Pack For Arduino – (

Makey Makey Kit – (

Little Bits Kit – (

Michaels – Crafting Materials

Shapeways – 3D Printing Materials 

Makerbot Shop – 3D printer filament, extruder, parts

Matter Hackers – 3D Printing filament, printers, parts

Smooth On – Mold Making & Casting Material

Legos – Education

Lego Mindstorms

Paper Circuits / Circuit Stickers – Chibitronics


Vex Robotics – Educational Robotic Kits

Dash & Dot – Robot that brings coding & STEM to life

Ozobot –  Tiny tinker robot makes block based programming fun

mBot – STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids

Makeblock – Open Source Arduino based robot building platform

Sphero –  SPRK Edition will inspire a love of robotics, coding, and STEM

Lego Mindstorms

3D Modeling Software For 3D Printing

Solidworks (

AutoCAD (

123D Design (

Autodesk Inventor (

TinkerCAD (

Sketchup MAKE (

3D Slash (

Fusion 360 by Autodesk (

Zbrush by Pixologic (

Blender (

OpenSCAD (

Sources For 3D Printable Models




Smithsonian 3D

NASA 3D Printables

3D Warehouse by Sketchup






My Mini Factory



STL Finder


Autodesk 123D

Types of 3D Printers

3D Printer Guide –  (

Make’s Digital Fabrication Shootout

Maker Education

Makerbot in the classroom – an introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Design

Getting Started with Arduino on Windows – from

Coding in the classroom with Dash & Dot – Special educators website brings STEM to life

Maker Projects

Khan Academy  ( STEM Projects ) – Hands on engineering and robotic projects

Make it @ Your Library – Powered by instructables.  Makerspace Projects for your school or library

Instructables – Maker and DIY projects.

Makezine – The website of Make Magazine and Maker Faire.  Makerspace Projects – A community for kids to learn skills, & make things

Hackaday – Is a Platform for people who like to build things

Club Craftsman – DIY Projects, Instructions and How To from Craftsman


Articles Relating To Mobile Makerspaces

Mobile Makerspaces by Dr Brad Gustafson

VIDEO – Mobile Makerspaces in Action by Dr Brad Gustafson

VIDEO – Mobile Makerspace Carts – Youtube

Techshop and Fujitsu to Launch a Mobile Makerspace

Beyond School Bells – New Maker Lab Just Unveiled In Nebraska was built to help schools and libraries start and run their own makerspaces. We truly believe that adding a makerspace to a school or library can help students acquire the skills needed for the 21st century.