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We put together a quick and easy tutorial showing how to make a “No-Sew” Covid-19 mask. Since it’s hard to find masks during the pandemic, this is a really helpful project. The best part is you don’t need a sewing machine. Consider making a few of them for yourself and others.

There is also another variation of No Sew masks that the CDC came out with recently. Check out the CDC tutorial and video here.

Step 1 – Find a Shirt

The first step is to find a long sleeve shirt that you’re willing to “sacrifice” for the cause.

covid 19 no sew mask

Step 2 – Cut Your Shirt

Cut the entire arm off the body of the shirt.

covid 19 no sew mask

Step 3 – Add The Ear Straps

The next step is to use rubber bands or hair ties for the ear straps. Put them through both ends of the arm and fold the shirt over as shown. You can also tape them in place if needed.

covid 19 no sew mask

If you don’t have any long sleeve shirts, you can cut a regular shirt or bandanna. See the CDC website for instructions.

Hope you found this helpful !

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